Food4Patriots: Healthy, Delicious Food Survival Kits

woman camp open foodIn modern times, we rely on restaurants, supermarkets and big-box stores to provide us with access to the goods we need to survive. But what do we do when disaster strikes and these options are unavailable?

It’s easy to prepare when we know an emergency is on its way, but what about a sudden event? Stockpiling necessary food and water is even more difficult when electricity and channels of communication are shut down.

Food4Patriots is the top provider in today’s market of food kits that can help you weather any storm or crisis. Whether you’re setting up your bomb shelter or simply looking for convenient solutions for a camping trip, Food4Patriots has you covered.


Based in Nashville, Food4Patriots offers survival gear as well as three different food packs: a 72-hour kit, a 4-week kit and a 3-month kit.

The company also markets water filtering systems and other emergency gear designed to keep people self-sufficient during times of crisis.


Founder Frank Bates already prepared food kits for his own family and friends. One day, everything changed when a friend of Bates’ got an email from FEMA.

The email asked questions about how much food Bates had and his ability to create new kits. Bates worried that in an emergency, FEMA might withhold the kits from some who needed them.

Instead of working with FEMA, Bates decided to launch his kits to the general public.

Food4Patriots strives to provide consumers with top-quality food that can withstand storage for up to 25 years.

How It Works

Food4Patriots survival kits contain food processed in the United States. This means it meets federal quality standards. In addition to lasting for years, the food tastes good and offers ample nutrition.

All food is free of harsh preservatives and GMO ingredients. In addition, the kits are not freeze dried.

Freeze drying leaves food with a chalky, bland taste. Plus, the chemicals sometimes used in the process are unhealthy.

Food4Patriots food is instead dehydrated at low heat and sealed in Mylar packaging, preserving flavor and nutrients.

The easy-to-store kits last up to 25 years and require only boiling water for preparation.

How to Buy

Click the banner below to choose the right package for you.

1. 72-hour kit containing 16 servings
2. 4-week kit containing 104 servings
3. 3-month kit containing 356 servings

These delicious meals include recipes such as Traveler’s Stew, Apple Orchard Meal and Southwest Enchilada Soup.

Each kit comes packed with bonus items to help you through emergency situations.

Preparation is key in surviving a crisis.

Don’t get caught without in an emergency. Choose Food4Patriots survival kits for your emergency supplies.

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